Master of Science Disability Studies 2016

Master of Science in Disability Studies (MSc) has the following specializations 1. Master of Science in Disability Administration and Labour Law 2. Master of Science in Disability Rehabilitation and Planning 3. Master of Science in Disability and Human Development Graduation Requirements for MSc Disability Studies The online, full time and distance learning for above program requires completion of 6 core courses and 4 specialization courses unless the student has transferable credits and/or life credits in which case fewer courses may be required and do field practicum. Students must complete 11 which include research/final dissertation. Curriculum Students of the Master's Degree in Disability Studies (MSc.) are introduced to the social model of disability and are challenged to think critically about disability in relation to a variety of academic disciplines and society. Through intense coursework and fieldwork, students explore the phenomenon of disability in depth, gain new insights and skills, and become part of a growing community in this exciting field. Program Requirements Prospective students for this program must hold first Degree in Social Work, Development studies, disability studies or postgraduate qualifications to be admitted in this program. Further Thirty credits are required for the Master's Degree in Disability Studies. Students must complete 18 credits in the following courses: • MSc 701 - Psychosocial, Cultural and Political Aspects of Disability • MSc 702 - Career Planning in Rehabilitation Services • MSc 703 - Disability and Diversity • MSc 704 - Research Methods • MSc 705 - Disability Law and Policy • MSc 706 - Rehabilitation, Diversity and Society • MSc 707 - Strategies to align UNCRPD to National Laws • MSc 708 - Human Rights, Social policies and the Law • MSc 709 - Introduction to Rehabilitation Services • MSc 710 - Management of Rehabilitation Programs for the Disabled Students must also complete 12 credits from among the following courses: • MSc 711 - Disability and the Family Life Cycle • MSc 712 - Disability History • MSc 713 - Disability Studies and the Human Development • MSc 714 - Disability in Mass Media • MSc 715 - Disability Studies and the Health Professions • MSc 716 - Disability Services Administration • MSc 717 - Disability and Narrative • MSc 718 - Disability Studies in Education • MSc 719 - Students with Disabilities in Higher Education • MSc 720 - Aging and Disability: Multiple Perspectives and Emerging Issues • MSc 721 - Fieldwork in Disability Studies • MSc 722 - Independent Study • MSc 723 - Special Topics Course • MSc 724 – Disability Law and Policy • MSc 725 - Disability Politics and Theory • MSc 726 - Agency Administration and Management • MSc 727 - Departmental disability policy and statistics • MSc 728 - Process of Disability Social Work practice • MSc 729 - Leadership in Disabled peoples Organizations • MSc 730 - Aging and Disability: Multiple Perspectives and Emerging Issues • MSc 731 - Theoretical perspectives and their application to disability social work • MSc 732 - Independent Study • MSc 733 - Public Policy and team work in disability social work Final Research/Dissertation • MSc 734 - Field Practicum/Research For more information Please contact us on Dr. Clifford T. Jones Vice President –Faculty of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Phone: (202) 350- 2551 Washington Dc Office E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website:
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